"Knowing yourself and loving yourself are key to having an intimate relationship with yourself... And from that place, it's so much easier to have a healthy and intimate relationship with somebody else."

Katie Phillips, Therapeutic Coach.

Meet the EKHO Experts

Here at EKHO we are proud to work with wellness practitioners who have a genuine interest in how their areas of knowledge and practice can impact your sexual wellbeing. Find out more about our EKHO Experts below.


Yasmin Ibrahim

Intuitive Guide

Yasmin is an Intuitive Guide and has helped thousands of women connect to their true self and experience joy on an emotional, physical and spiritual level. In her 1:1 Coaching, she has worked extensively with women wanting to experience intimacy with themselves and others, body confidence and self esteem. As someone who has overcome issues with abuse, sexuality and body confidence, she brings her life experience with many years of coaching experience to her work with empathy, practical guidance and healing.

Lara Raybone

Embodiment Coach

Lara is an Embodiment & Self Love Coach, who helps women reconnect to their bodies, their sensuality and Divine Femininity She guides them into activating their feminine radiance through playing with the polarity of masculine and feminine energy. Via dance & embodiment practices, Lara allows women to rebuild and rediscover who they are. 

With a background in dance and performing arts, life coaching and reiki healing, she has the education and experience to equip people with the tools and techniques to transform self-love, self-worth, passion, purpose, love and connection to mind, body, heart and soul. Using movement as her magic, Lara’s signature Chakra dance journey helps women to release what is no longer serving them. 

With EKHO, Lara invites you to fully embody everything you are calling in and empowers you to rediscover the parts of you that have been hiding for a while.


Katie Phillips

Therapeutic Coach

Katie is a Therapeutic Coach who founded The School of Self-Love for women who want to learn a more authentic, aligned and empowered way of doing life. Her first book, ‘The Self Love Affair – A Woman’s Guide To A Daring & Mighty Life’, was published in 2015. She notably spoke on the TED-X Stage for Google London and regularly speaks at and hosts events with a women’s wellbeing and empowerment focus.

Rebekah Terrell

Holistic Health Coach

Bekah is an Integrated Nutrition Health and Wellbeing Coach. She has been a registered yoga teacher for over a decade, teaching a variety of yoga styles and breath work both nationally and internationally. She hosts regular workshops and sell-out retreats across the UK and abroad. Her approach is to look at individuals’ health holistically – not just their movement levels or food on their plate, but their wider wellbeing – providing people with simple and sustainable solutions for long term wellbeing.

Brian Burgess - Journey Still

Brian Burgess

Therapist & Counsellor

Brian is a Therapist and Counsellor based in Barnes, South-West London. An associate member of the IACT (International Association of Counsellors and Therapists) and with over 20 years of experience, he specialises in one-to-one therapy for issues such as stress, anxiety depression and substance/ alcohol misuse. He provides relationship counselling and regularly works in the realm of sex, sexuality and sensuality. Brian strongly believes that in order for a person to improve their sexual wellbeing, they first need to collectively look at all parts of them. Once they have done this work, and really explored their intimate wellbeing, a more satisfying sex life will naturally follow.

Abi Denyer-Bewick

Nutrition Health and Wellbeing Coach

Abi is a passionate advocate for cyclical living and all things seasonal. She is a mentor with Red school on the Menstruality Leadership Programme, a Menstrual Medicine Circle Facilitator, and Coach. She also works using Yoga, Grief Rituals, Sensual Kink, Eating Psychology and Functional Medicine to design personalised programmes to facilitate deep healing. Abi ran a successful Nutritional Therapy practice for 10 years and has now expanded her vision and understanding of health and wellbeing beyond simply food and nutrition. Abi works with young people around body autonomy, menstruality, consent, sexuality and pleasure, initiating them into the wisdom that is held in their bodies and what supports them to listen more.


Dr. Laura Vowels

Sex & Relationship Therapist and Researcher

Laura is a Sex and Relationship Therapist and works in private practice in central London. She works with individuals, couples and families on a wide range of sexual, emotional and relational issues. She earned her master’s in couple and family therapy from the US and completed her PhD in Psychology in 2021. She specialises in working with couples around sexual desire and sexual desire discrepancy. 

Laura has published a number of academic journal articles on sexual wellbeing and desire, many of which have been featured across mainstream media outlets.


If you're a wellbeing practitioner and interested in collaborating with the EKHO team to create something really special, please get in touch with us.