We are proud to work with medical experts and wellbeing practitioners specialising in women’s intimate health. With a holistic approach to hormonal, sexual and reproductive wellness, our cohort of doctors, coaches, therapists and practitioners lead our library of courses and provide expert support.




Rebekah Terrell

Holistic Health Coach

Bekah is an Integrated Nutrition Health and Wellbeing Coach. She has been a registered yoga teacher for over a decade, teaching a variety of yoga styles and breath work internationally with a holistic approach to women’s health. 

Katie Phillips

Therapeutic Coach

Katie is a Therapeutic Coach, TEDx speaker and the founder of The School of Self Love. She teaches women to live more authentic, aligned and empowered lives as ‘daring and mighty’ beings.


Lara Raybone

Embodiment Coach

Lara is an Embodiment and Self Love Coach helping women reconnect with the bodies and the divine feminine. Through dance, reiki healing and embodiment practices, Lara helps women to build sensuality, self worth, passion and purpose.


Professor Lee Smith

Public Health Expert

Dr Lee Smith is a Cambridge phD and an Associate Professor in Public Health at Anglia Ruskin University. He has carried out multiple research studies into sexual activity and hormonal and reproductive health and the physical and mental health outcomes of these factors. Dr Lee works closely with the EKHO team to ensure that all courses are backed by unbiased data.


Yasmin Ibrahim

Intuitive Guide

Yasmin is an Intuitive Guide helping women connect to self and experience joy on an emotional, physical and spiritual level. Yasmin coaches on finding intimacy with self and others, body confidence, trauma and self esteem.

Abi Denyer-Bewick

Nutritional Health Coach

Abi is a menstrual mentor, Menstrual Medicine Circle Facilitator and Coach. She works using Yoga, Grief Rituals, Sensual Kink, Eating Psychology and Functional Medicine to design personalised programmes to facilitate deep healing.

Brian Burgess

Therapist and Mental Health Counsellor

Brian is a Therapist and Counsellor. He specialises in one-to-one therapy for issues such as stress, anxiety depression and provides relationship counselling across sex, sexuality and sensuality. 

Brian Burgess - Journey Still

Dr. Laura Vowels

Sex and Relationship Therapist

Laura is a Sex and Relationship Therapist working with individuals, couples and families on a wide range of sexual, emotional and relational issues. Her research papers are often cited in press as the athority on sexual relationships.


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