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A new 2021 study by global sex toy brand TENGA shows just how much people in the UK are masturbating, and what this means for health and wellbeing… 

  •       70% of UK sex toy users have used a sex toy in the past year 
  •       Nearly half of sex toy users (45%) report using them mostly to pleasure themselves (66% among women).  
  •       Around one-in-five (22%) report mostly using sex toys to pleasure a partner, climbing to 45% among men.  
  •       77% of UK Adults 18-54 are open to the idea of buying a sex toy on the future, up from 67% in 2020.   
  •       This openness to buying is highest among current sex toy users (96%) as well as those who have never used but have considered trying (84%).   




  •       89% of UK adults masturbate 
  •       40% of UK adults have masturbated more than ever before due to lockdown, with 70% of UK Brits using a sex toy in the last year to masturbate  
  •       70% of UK adults that have never masturbated before have never considered it 


  •       Why do people in the UK masturbate?: 

o   59% masturbate to satisfy sexual urges 

o   54% masturbate to achieve sexual pleasure 

o   49% masturbate to relieve stress or relax 


  •       Similar to previous years, Brits agree that masturbation contributes to their sexual well-being: 

o   78% says it improves their mood 

o   75% says it helps improves their happiness 

o   74% says it helps manage their stress 

o   74% see it as a form of self-care / therapy 

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