"First, we must unlearn everything and relearn everything."

Yasmin Ibrahim, Intuituve Guide.

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Sexual wellbeing means different things to different people. Engage with the journeys below and discover what it might mean for you... Remember, this is your journey so feel free to start with the course that feels the most relevant to you. You can always come back to explore something else.
Katie Phillips - Journey Still

Learn to Love Yourself

by Katie Phillips

Katie is a firm believer that our relationships with others are a reflection of our relationship with ourselves. In this 10-part series, she will introduce you to some powerful practices that will help you to create an intimate relationship with yourself on all levels – mind, body, emotions and soul.

Laura - Journey Still1

Redefining Sex

by Laura Vowels

Laura’s journey delves into the truth behind the taboo as she explores many of the issues she regularly sees as a sex therapist. Her 8 individual sessions will tackle subjects such as body image, sexual trauma and pleasure. She will dispel common myths and cause you to question your own views on sex; your insecurities and what sexual wellbeing might mean for you.

Yasmin - Journey Still

Mirror Work

by Yasmin Ibrahim

Yasmin asks you to bare all on this journey of self-acceptance. Celebrating body-confidence, her 7 separate mirror exercises will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to like, love, enhance and flirt… with yourself. In the end she promises you will fall in love with more than just your reflection.

Bekah - Pelvic Floor Breath I

Simply Breathe

by Rebekah Terrell

On this journey, Bekah will guide you through a series of mindful breathing exercises which will not only lengthen and deepen your breath so that you experience sensations on a deeper level, they will also help to improve intimacy, your pelvic floor and your sexual wellbeing.

Lara - Journey Still

Somatic Rediscovery Through the 7 Chakras

by Lara Raybone

Lara invites you to embody the 7 primary chakras and all that they represent in this guided dance journey. Through uninhibited movement and integration, you will learn how to reconnect with your body and your emotions so that you feel truly liberated.

Recipe for Desire v1

Recipes for Desire

by Abi Denyer-Bewick

The way we experience pleasure with food is often a mirror of how we experience pleasure in life. Within a series of nutritional editorials, Abi will explain the importance of the often-forgotten Vitamin P (pleasure) and the impact of what we eat on our sex drive. 

EKHO Coming soon pink

Join Priestess of Love & Sacred Sexuality, Shakti Sundari, in a journey to expand your concept of sex and enhance your experience of pleasure through a feminine-centred, tantric approach to sensuality.

EKHO Conversations With...

Our EKHO Conversations With… series gets up close and personal with some unique individuals as we showcase their thoughts on intimacy and sexual wellbeing in some eye-opening interviews.
Conversations with...v3

Brian Burgess

As both a Therapist to high profile clients and a man with deep life experience, Brian gives us his take on sexuality in this intimate conversation. He establishes the importance of sensuality and explores the idea of a ‘pandemic of loneliness’, while also suggesting ways to help you rediscover your libido. 

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