are there gaps in your knowledge of intimate health? Need a little help understanding what's going on with your body? explore our courses, their leaders and the practices on offer and craft a curriculum that suits your needs. Every course is accompanied by a video guide, written resources and an audio-only version to lead you through the basics of your hormonal, sexual and reproductive wellbeing.

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Everything You Need To Know About Your Vagina

Do you find yourself asking questions you don’t know the answers to? Most people have gaps in their knowledge when it comes to knowing what’s normal. This course will teach you everything you need to know about vaginal health, so you’ll never be in the dark about your body again.


Urinary Incontinence and Your Pelvic Floor

with Professor Lee Smith

Our pelvic muscles are essential tools that help us with sexual pleasure, bodily functions like peeing, core strength, giving birth and more. Knowing how they work, how to care for them and how to address, heal and live better after damage is just as important at the muscles themselves.

navigating menopause support

Navigating Menopause

Menopause can have a staggering effect on a person’s life and significantly affect one’s work, relationships and sense of self. Discover more about menopause and make sense of symptoms, experiences and advice on wellbeing during and after this life changing event.


Learning Self Love

with Katie Phillips

Katie is a firm believer that our relationships with others are a reflection of our relationship with ourselves. In this series, she will introduce you to some powerful practices that will help you to create an intimate relationship with yourself on all levels – mind, body, emotions and soul.

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Redefining Sex

with Dr Laura Vowels

Dr Laura’s journey delves into the truth behind the taboo as she explores many of the issues she regularly sees as a sex therapist. Her sessions tackle subjects such as body image, sexual trauma and pleasure. Laura dispels common myths and invites you to question your relationship to pleasure and what wellbeing means for you.

Yasmin - Journey Still

How To Practice Mirror Work

with Yasmin Ibrahim

Yasmin asks you to bare all on this journey of self-acceptance. Celebrating body-confidence, her mirror exercises will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to like, love, enhance and flirt… with yourself. In the end she promises you will fall in love with more than just your reflection.

Lara Raybone Chakra Dance Wellbeing EKHO

Somatic Rediscovery and Chakra Work

with Lara Raybone

Lara invites you to embody the seven primary chakras and all that they represent in this guided dance journey. Through uninhibited movement and integration, you will learn how to reconnect with your body and your emotions so that you feel relaxed and liberated.


How To Eat For Your Libido

with Abi Denyer-Bewick

The way we experience pleasure with food is often a mirror of how we experience pleasure in life. Within a series of nutritional editorials, Abi will explain the importance of the often-forgotten Vitamin P (pleasure) and the impact of what we eat on our sex drive. 

Rebekah Terrell Pelvic Floor Breath Work EKHO

How To Practice Breath Work

with Rebekah Terrell

On this journey, Bekah will guide you through a series of mindful breathing exercises which will not only lengthen and deepen your breath so that you experience sensations on a deeper level, they will also help to improve intimacy, your pelvic floor and your sexual wellbeing.

matresence pregnancy birth new mum

Navigating Matrescence

Matrescence is the period of developmental change associated with motherhood. Akin to puberty, understanding this process, and how it affects new parents physically, mentally and emotionally, is vital. Learn what this process means and how to advocate for yourself.


Everything You Need To Know About Sleep

with Professor Lee Smith

Sleep provides our bodies the opportunity to rest and repair at a cellular level. Sleep interacts with every aspect of our health and this course explains how and why this matters. Professor Lee also offers practical advice on how to improve your sleep health.

everything you need to know about thrush what causes thrush yeast infection treatments

Everything You Need To Know About Thrush

One of the most common intimate health complaints is thrush. Out experts talk through the signs and symptoms of a yeast infection, how to identify one and how to treat thrush. This course covers everything you need to know about bacterial infections, what causes thrush and how to prevent it.


Everything You Need To Know About Your Menstrual Cycle

How much do you really know about your cycle? Is your period problematic? Do you know your luteal from your follicular? This course shines a light on menstruation and menstrual health, as well as expert tips on cycle care and menstrual conditions like PCOS.


Health Discrimination and Advocating For Your Body

We walk you through the gender health gap, medical gaslighting, how these phenomena come into play at work, at home and in the doctor’s office. We also cover advocacy tools and techniques and how to turn your knowledge into power.

Seashell Macro

Everything You Need To Know About Hormone Health

Humans are hormonal creatures and hormones rule our worlds. How well do you understand yours? Women’s hormones have long been misinterpreted or ignored. Learn about hormonal health, endocrine disruption, tracking and balance from the experts.


Navigating Physical Intimacy In Any Body

This course encourages you to consider how to experience pleasure in any body and how to transform your own perceived limitations into sources of enjoyment and self appreciation. 


Everything You Need To Know About Sexual Health

If sex education at school left you with more questions than answers, use this course to better understand how your health and sexuality intersect. Our experts cover every aspect of sexual health – from the scientific to the social. Ensure you’re in control with this journey into optimum wellbeing.

navigating mastectomy

Navigating Mastectomy

Mastectomy is an amazing preventative procedure that saves lives, however, it takes a huge toll on the physical body and on the mind. This course will guide you through your pre and post operative mindset and explain everything you need to know about mastectomy, from preparation to your physical and mental recovery.

navigating loneliness and libido

Navigating Sexual Connection

with Dr Brian Burgess

Intimacy counsellor Brian shares his important and affirming takes on sexuality in order to help reframe your thoughts about human connection. He explores the importance of sensuality and explores the idea of loneliness and singleness while suggesting ways to help you rediscover your own libido and reconnect sexually with others. 

how to eat for hormone health balance hormones

How To Eat For Hormone Health

Eating healthily affects your body in the long term and it’s not just your gut that benefits. What you eat, when you eat and the nutritional value of your meals and snacks can help to support good hormone health, especially if you’re struggling with the effects of imbalances due to stress, menopause or pregnancy.


Understanding Tantra and Sacred Sexuality

 with Shakti Sundari

Join love and sacred sexuality expert Shakti Sundari on a spiritual  journey and expand your conception and understanding of sexual wellbeing. Learn how to enhance your experience of pleasure through a feminine-centred, tantric approach and learn more about the practice and history of tantra.

Mother breastfeeding baby boy (6-11 months)

Everything You Need To Know About Breastfeeding

Many people find the practice of breastfeeding challenging and there are lots of things to consider – from your baby’s wellbeing to your own. In this course, we work through everything you need to know about breastfeeding and offer advice on how to make the best of your experience too.

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Navigating Abortion

If you’ve decided to terminate a pregnancy, the next steps can be difficult to navigate. In this course, we guide you through everything you need to know about abortion, your options, how certain procedures work and how they differ. We also offer advice on supporting your physical and mental health before, during and after the procedure.

navigating menopause menopause information support

Everything You Need To Know About Skin Health

Your skin is the body’s largest organ. It acts as a vital barrier between your body and the rest of the world and although it’s built to withstand a lot, taking good care of it can elevate your health and wellbeing. In this course we explain how skin functions, how to care for it and what to avoid in order to rule out lasting damage.

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