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Frequently Asked Questions

EKHO is £9 per month or priced at £54 per annum. This fee gives you unlimited access to our course library and new content on a rolling basis.

EKHO is a multimedia education platform for women and those who identify as such. We offer a range of online courses covering intimate health and advocacy all designed and delivered by accredited wellbeing and medical practitioners. 

By subscribing you will have access to our full library of courses, access to private online communities, learning resources and access to our cohort of experts. You will also receive recommendations from our approved partners based on your interests and needs.

EKHO works on all devices with a web browser and internet access. You can access our courses on your phone, tablet, desktop and smart TV.

We treat your personal data with the utmost care. EKHO Wellbeing is incorporated in the UK and all customer data is used within the GDPR regulations.

EKHO has a full-time dedicated team to support our members. Please see the members page for more details (please note that you need to become a member to access the support team). If you have a general inquiry or would like to learn more about the membership, please email

You can start watching straight away on all devices. You’ll have full access to the membership for seven days as part of your free trial. At the end of your free trial, your membership will renew automatically and you’ll be charged £9.00 for EKHO Wellbeing membership on an annual or monthly basis in line with your selected membership.

In order to watch the content on the EKHO site, we need you to provide your credit/debit card details so that we can verify and validate your account. When your free trial ends, your membership will keep rolling at the standard price unless cancelled. We’ll use these card details to take your payments each month.

You can cancel your membership and restart it at any time. Go to the My Account section of the website (you’ll need to be signed in) and follow the cancellation steps right to the end. You can check all changes have been made correctly by heading back to the My Account page and ensuring your membership is now showing as cancelled.

No – you can cancel at any time and you’ll still be able to enjoy your membership for the full 7 days.

Unfortunately, we’re not able to refund you if you forget to cancel. Our membership is designed to be super-flexible so that you can drop in and out as you please. If you’ve been charged because you forgot to cancel, head to the My Account page and cancel your subscription. You’ll still be able to enjoy EKHO membership for the period of time you’ve paid for.

What Our Users Say

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Listening to the experts on EKHO has massively helped my self-confidence and body image. I might even be ready to have sex with the lights on! Definitely recommend.
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While I wouldn’t discuss these things with my friends, it’s been good to join a community where I can receive advice from professionals and feel supported by people going through the same thing. I’ve realised that there’s no shame in wanting to improve your relationships... and your sex life.
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Working with EKHO has made me realise I’m one of those people that always makes excuses not to have sex. I’ve finally gained the courage to ask myself why and rediscover what it is I want from my other half and our relationship.

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