EKHO is a platform designed to help anyone who identifies as a woman feel empowered in their own body.

what is holistic wellbeing?

At the heart of EKHO are three areas of health that influence women’s lifestyles, experiences and subsequently, influence gender equity and the intersectional experience across society. For women, hormonal health, sexual health and reproductive health – and the lack of unbiased data, education and support across these areas – are responsible for myriad socioeconomic inequities. Including but not limited to the gender pain gap and wage gap. We focus on these areas to change the conversation, the data, the resource allocation and the gaps that mean women suffer and struggle disproportionately. We advocate for those who identify as women.


our story

The EKHO story began during the first UK lockdown. We recognised the importance of addressing the health issues that many women were facing and how the pandemic had  these problems reducing access to healthcare services, pushing women out of work and back into domestic caregiving spaces, forcing women to compromise on self care and personal wellbeing.

With years of experience working to address gender biases and healthcare inequity, and personal experience of the effects of how women are the first to suffer when economies are squeezed, our founding team set about collaborating with wellbeing and women’s health experts to empower women to advocate for themselves and empower corporate leaders to turn the tide.


our mission

Undertaking extensive academic research and working with experienced wellbeing practitioners, we have created a series of engaging journeys focused on empowerment, equity and self worth. Relearning, rediscovery and re-establishing norms and baselines is at the heart of improving wellbeing across society and we are on a mission to build a strong network of advocates who know what it takes to move the needle and address gender data bias, racial data bias and the need for health parity.


Darren Clayton

co-founder and sales

Darren wanted to make a difference in an area he felt wasn’t being fully addressed throughout society and women’s health stood out by a mile. Darren is proud to lead the EKHO team and work with talented experts, partners and creators in order to support and improve access to holistic wellbeing resources for all people.


Emilie Lavinia

co-founder and managing director

Passionate about women’s health equity and intersectional wellbeing, Emilie advocates for education and transparency across mental, physical and sexual health. She brings her personal and professional knowledge and experiences of the health and wealth gap to drive our mission forward.

sara alves

Sara Alves

production lead

Sara finds mental, physical and sexual wellbeing extremely important in her life and other people’s lives. She is a filmmaker that addresses these themes in her films so it was an easy decision to join the team and lead the production. Sara is very happy to give back to the community and support EKHO in this mission.


Professor Lee Smith

research lead
Dr Smith is a Cambridge phD and an Associate Professor in Public Health at Anglia Ruskin University. He has carried out multiple research studies into sexual activity and hormonal and reproductive health and the physical and mental health outcomes of these factors. Dr Lee works closely with the EKHO team on UK research projects to ensure that all products are backed by unbiased data.