About Us

EKHO is a platform designed to help women – and those who identify as women – find their sexual wellbeing.

What is Sexual Wellbeing?

For us, sexual wellbeing includes everything that is linked to our sexuality. This includes our thoughts and feelings about sex and sexuality; acceptance and love for our bodies; our ability to communicate with our partners about our sexual wants, needs and desires; freedom from or an effective management of sexual dysfunctions; knowledge of our bodies and being able to experience sexual pleasure free from shame, anxiety, and guilt. At its core, it’s about our sexual empowerment and rediscovering ourselves as sexual beings. 

Our Story

Despite sexual wellbeing having a proven link to self-happiness, we discovered that it’s an area that is over-looked in the wider-wellbeing space – often being seen as taboo or irrelevant. The EKHO story started during the first UK lockdown to address the issues that many singles and couples face (sometimes unknowingly) in their relationships.

EKHO aims to alter the balance and turn the narrative on its head by shining a light on all areas of sexuality and thereby positively impacting mental health.

Our Mission

Undertaking extensive research and working with experienced wellbeing practitioners, we have created a series of engaging journeys that will make you laugh, cry and more importantly, learn about yourself and your self-worth.

After all, rediscovery is at the heart of improving your sexual wellbeing and with sexual issues twice as prevalent as mental health issues, it’s more important than ever that we rediscover ourselves as sexual beings.

Here at EKHO, we promise to do exactly this: we will help you rediscover your sexual wellbeing; whoever you are, wherever you are and whatever your current relationship status.


Meet Our Founding Team...

Darren B&W smaller

Darren Clayton


Darren loves putting smiles on people’s faces and wanted to find something that isn’t currently being addressed in society. By looking carefully at his own life journey as well as what has been happening alongside the fallout from the Global Pandemic, he came up with the concept of EKHO. Darren is proud to lead the EKHO team and work with so many talented Creators in order to support a key pillar of your holistic wellbeing.


Anna Russell

Head of Communication

Anna loves to talk. She will chat to anyone about everything and anything but as a mum of two, she started to realise that no one speaks about sex after children… in fact no one really talks about sex at all. A former producer and passionate about engaging audiences, Anna is working across the content at EKHO as well as looking after our social media channels. She hopes that the journeys we’ve created will not only impact your life for the better but will also start to normalise our conversations about sex.

sara alves

Sara Alves

Head of Production

Sara finds mental, physical and sexual wellbeing extremely important in her life and other people’s lives. She is a filmmaker that addresses these themes in her films so it was an easy decision to join the team and lead the production. Sara is very happy to give back to the community and support EKHO in this mission.

Nicola B&W

Nicola Thompson

Head of Marketing

Nicola is continuing to strive for the best she can be. It all starts with some self love, and addressing any issues that act as triggers from past behaviours. Nicola saw how much EKHO resonates with her own life and couldn’t wait to be on board.