We provide holistic support to assist women experiencing reproductive and hormonal health issues to remain in and return to work.

EKHO’S mission is to help organisations empower women in the workplace and beyond by harnessing findings from cutting-edge medical research on health and wellbeing.

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in 2021 EKHO launched a national survey to further understand the female experience at work in relation to hormones and reproductive health.



of women reported that an hormonal issue had caused them to feel anxious or depressed.



of women said a hormonal issue had stopped them going to work or performing their jof effectively.



of women had spoken to their employer about a hormonal issue and only 6% said they felt listened to and supported.

The cost of absence, lost productivity, recruitment, retention and tribunal costs from not supporting women’s health throughout her career is significant. The reported cost alone to the British economy is £531 million for sick days taken owing to menstruation.

We work to change the conversation, break taboos, and dismantle the barriers around women’s health. We strive to improve women’s experiences and support organisations to create the right culture and environment for women and companies to thrive.

Our Process


We ensure the workplace environment and facilities are conducive and supportive for women’s health needs.



Adaptation or the development of new policies that support and recognise women’s unique health and well-being needs



Robust evaluation of the EKHO bespoke intervention to demonstrate desired outcomes are achieved



Awareness, confidence and capability building to all employees at all levels via a digital platform and bespoke learning interventions, including face to face and virtual workshops

We are proud to work with medical experts and wellbeing practitioners specialising in womens health with a holistic approach to hormonal, sexual and reproductive wellness in the workplace. Our cohort of experts lead our library of courses and workplace intiatives.

With more women in the workplace than ever, organisations have a moral and social responsibility to support women at work. The ones that get this right will enjoy a competitive advantage and be more sustainable and profitable, creating long-term value for all stakeholders. EKHO’s bespoke programmes allows organisations to achieve this aim.