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Intimate health influences gender inequity and the intersectional experience across society. Hormonal health, sexual health and reproductive health – and the lack of unbiased data, education and support across these areas – are responsible for myriad socioeconomic inequities – including but not limited to the gender pain gap and the gender wage gap.


Learn Self Love

Katie is a firm believer that our relationships with others are a reflection of our relationship with ourselves....

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Mirror Work

Yasmin asks you to bare all on this journey of self-acceptance. Celebrating body-confidence, her 7 separate mirror exercises...

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Breath Work

Breath is the foundation of our overall wellbeing. On this journey, Bekah will guide you through a series...

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Conversations with…

Our EKHO Conversations With… series offers you an insight into some unique individuals within the sexual wellbeing space....

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Redefining Sex

Laura’s journey delves into the truth behind the taboo as she explores many of the issues she regularly...

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